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Support Forum » i2c hmc6352 digtial compass

March 10, 2011
by mbijan
mbijan's Avatar

I am new to programming the atmega. I was woundring how do i add the i2c header file and where do i need to start when it comes to the programming of the digital compass. please help thanks

March 13, 2011
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Sorry your post slipped by. Which compass do you have?

The best references for I2C (TWI) would be Rick's Nunchuck with (jbremnant's contribution) and DS3232 RTC projects also his LCD thread with Noter's contributions.

I have a weather station project that I am thinking about using a I2C Compass module on along with I2C Barometric Pressure and I2C external EEPROM. So I am also trying to learn I2C programming.

Let us know what you work out.


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