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Microcontroller Programming » AVR w/ Zigbee or Bluetooth

January 04, 2010
by delscorcho
delscorcho's Avatar

Has anyone here successfully included wireless comm. via bluetooth or other standard within an AVR project - not for programming, but rather as part of the project itself? I'm curious which transceivers were used, and how painless (or painful) the whole integration was :)

January 05, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi delscorcho,

We have not put together any projects of that nature "officially" here at NerdKits, buta few of our customers have JKITSON put together a wireless tractor pull monitor that he documented in a forum thread. He used a radio transmitter/receiver pair that you can interface to via the serial module on the chip. There a few blutooth and zigbee modules out there that operate in the same way (over the UART module), so it should be relatively straight forward to interface with them. Make sure you post any progress you make, we would love to see it!


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