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Everything Else » Ok, this is getting aggravating but certainly is interesting!!

January 12, 2013
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

This is from my quest to have a stable Nerdkits setup board so I have been using one of Rick's version 1 Nerdkit Component boards.

Now I "thought" I had a working board having "fixed" the problem of needing to have my ISP (Inline Serial Programmer) plugged in and powered in order to see my running program.

But now I am back to having to have my ISP plugged in and powered to actually see my running program.

So what could be happening?

I suspected that it might have something to do with the Reset (RST) line.

Here is my board if you'd like to see my handiwork, Rick called it a Franken board.

Aggravation aside I am really curious about what is happening here.

I am able to use the board just plug it in and power it so it does work just why is this happening?

Ever see anything like this?

No there are not any solder bridges!! Well none that I have spotted so far.

Besides it is kinda slow here in the forum so we need something to be talking about.


January 12, 2013
by Noter
Noter's Avatar

If I turn off the power to my ISP programmer I have to disconnect the reset wire to get my program to run. If the ISP programmer is powered it maintains high impedance on the pin when not in use but when powered off it pulls to gnd.

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