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Everything Else » LED Array kit?

November 22, 2010
by Harpster
Harpster's Avatar

Do you need to purchase this add-on to access "The Official LED Array Guide?" I bought the USB Nerdkit and, while waiting for it to arrive (though shipping was really fast), I went out and bought all of the hardware to build an LED array with the Electronics lass I teach. I was just looking around for the guide and/or code to no avail. If you do, indeed, need to purchase the LED array kit, is there any way I can purchase access to only the guide and code, without any hardware? The period for purchasing at the high school where I teach is over, so this one will be out of pocket for me and I'd rather not purchase the hardware again. Thanks

November 22, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

While the official guide is only available "I believe" if you purchase the kit from the NK guys, there is a lot of info on this project in the forums. I have a complete step by step of my build and a complete posting of my code which has several enhanced functions. The basic build and code are in the tutorial section of the site.

Here are three links in the forum with my marquee info:


Those should answer most of your questions.


November 23, 2010
by bpenglase
bpenglase's Avatar

I actually did something similar to this. I had the kit, worked on a few things, and it was working great. Well I ended up getting 500 LEDs on eBay, so I built the panel and everything myself. I used the code from their project page that Rick linked to, and all was well

However, I wanted to learn the interworkings of everything, so I emailed them (support at to see if I could just buy the guide, since I already had the parts. Humberto emailed me back quickly and offered a very reasonable price for just the guide.

Of course it goes to say that since you didn't use the full kit, if you have issues, we can try to troubleshoot the best we can, but you still may have issues related to the other hardware.

But yes, contact them, they are great people, and will work with you to get you what you want/need.

December 02, 2010
by Harpster
Harpster's Avatar

Thanks a lot for all of your help, I can't believe I missed the code link in that tutorial. I'll be building something similar to your setup Rick. I plan on 'frosting' a piece of acrylic (plexiglass) by sanding one side of it to use as a diffuser. I'll post pics and a little on how it went in the weeks to come.

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