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Microcontroller Programming » Compile

August 14, 2010
by LindaEC
LindaEC's Avatar

Hello I am working on the tempsensor and it does not want to compile, went back to another project and it still does not compile fully.This is what It states:

C:CodeCodetempsensor>type makefile GCCFLAGS=-g -Os -Wall -mmcu=atmega168 LINKFLAGS=-Wl,-u,vfprintf -lprintf_flt -Wl,-u,vfscanf -lscanf_flt -lm AVRDUDEFLAGS=-c avr109 -p m168 -b 115200 -P COM4 LINKOBJECTS=../libnerdkits/delay.o ../libnerdkits/lcd.o ../libnerdkits/uart.o

all: tempsensor-upload

tempsensor.hex: tempsensor.c make -C ../libnerdkits avr-gcc ${GCCFLAGS} ${LINKFLAGS} -o tempsensor.o tempsensor.c ${LINKOBJE CTS} avr-objcopy -j .text -O ihex tempsensor.o tempsensor.hex

tempsensor.ass: tempsensor.hex avr-objdump -S -d tempsensor.o > tempsensor.ass

tempsensor-upload: tempsensor.hex avrdude ${AVRDUDEFLAGS} -U flash:w:tempsensor.hex:a

August 14, 2010
by LindaEC
LindaEC's Avatar

I figured out that what I was doing was typing in "type makefile" instead of just makefile, oh well but now it works perfectly(watching the temperature rise in here!)

August 14, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

You just reminded me of my early days. Funny, but a learning experience nonetheless.

August 16, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

I do hope you mean you are now typing in "make" not "makefile".

Since it is working, this is just to not lead some other soul down a troublesome path typing in "makefile".


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