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Support Forum » Can't download The NerdKits Guide for NK003USB

August 09, 2010
by davispuh
davispuh's Avatar

I start downloading The NerdKits Guide, but at 91% (3.3MB) it stops no matter how long I wait. I already tried using different browser, but same effect :(

Maybe is there other place to download it or someone could send to my email?

PS. Probably my internet connection isn't very good....

August 09, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi davispuh,

There does not appear to be anything on our end that is stopping your download. If you suspect your internet connection might be the problem I would suggest trying the download at a time when the internet in your area is not particularly crowded. Perhaps at night when other people are in bed. If you still can't get it to download go ahead and send us an email at support <at> nerdkits <dot> com. I'll find a way to get your guide to you.


August 10, 2010
by davispuh
davispuh's Avatar

I went to friend and downloaded...

PS. problem still exists on slow / bad internet, but that's not my problem anymore :D

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