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Everything Else » Glossary?

August 04, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

How about a glossary so some of us know what is being discussed?

I still don't know the difference between foodloader, bootloader, etc. I have no idea what Arduino is, nor do I know what Python is...

I know the regular electronics stuff very well but there are things here that are more software than electronic. Just something with the name and just what it does would be helpful. Something everyone can contribute to would be nice.

I am pretty sure there are a lot of new folks in the same boat as this old guy.

August 04, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi mongo,

That sounds like a great idea. If it is something that you and others in the NerdKits community feel would help you learn I am very happy to start a discussion about how best to implement that. We could have a forum thread where people suggest words for the glossary and possibly offer a definition. Our staff could then take these and put them on a static page for everyone to reference. Does that sound like something that could work?


August 04, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

I like the static page. There are so many new terms these days, us old guys feel a little left in the dust. If we knew what the terms meant, we would be able to understand some of the things we are reading.

Thanx for the quick comeback!

August 05, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

I'd like to second mongo's motion!

Instead of a static page you could put up a "free" php wiki that we all could edit.

That would be less overhead for the Nerdkit crew.

Of course a FAQ could be incorporated also.


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