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Project Help and Ideas » Send data wirelessly from Nerdkit to WebServer (IIS)

July 22, 2010
by oldictguy
oldictguy's Avatar


I have finished my project, but now want the data to be accessible from a webserver sitting in my garage. Eventually, I'll write an API to send Push Notifications to my iPhone (Notifo or Growl).

But I need someone to help me with parts/code to interface my NerdKit to the WebServer (preferably wirelessly) so the WebServer can read the temperature (and any other information I have available).


July 23, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi oldctguy,

It sounds like a neat project you have in mind. The first thing I would try to do is get it hooked up directly to the web server. I would have a python script that reads the information over the serial port and saves the information to a file, or a database, or whatever you would like. On the web end you could have a PHP script, .NET file, or any other method you want read the data and serve it up to the web.

Once you get that working, you can start thinking of how to get the data to your webserver wirelessly. Some customers have had success with wireless radio modules (check out Jims tractor pull sled monitor). These little modules accept serial data and send it over RF to another module, at which point you use another chip to grab the data. There also bluetooth modules, and infra red modules that work in similar ways.

Hope that gets you started.


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