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July 17, 2010
by Dixon04
Dixon04's Avatar

I'm an electrician and bought a nerdkit to better experience the programming side of the switchgear and control panels I work in. I am having a problem keeping up with the computer side of things due to lack of experience. I have no c++ experience and can't even compile and install my first program. I think I set my com for the USB cable right. (it was port 4) but I am lost as to where to enter the "make" command. I'm not even sure if I am compiling right, I got it to say that there is no make.exe file, so maybe I just typed it in wrong. Either way is it possble for someone to show me what to type in. Idiot language and condenscending tones welcome.

July 21, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi Dixo04,

The message that says there is no make.exe file means you did not install WinAVR correctly (assuming you are on windows). Try reinstalling that, and make sure you install it as an administrator especially on Windows Vista or 7. If it is installed correctly, WinAVR will make sure the proper exes are in the right place.

I tried to contact you earlier at the email address you gave us, but the email bounced, if you email us at support <at> nerdkits <dot> com I can try to better assist you.


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