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Basic Electronics » Electro Cardio Gram

June 18, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

I just received a ECG device that I will wear for 10 days.

The sensor uses bluetooth to communicate with a cell phone so their is constant contact with the remote monitoring station. There might be a store and forward data delivery instead of constant contact.

So how would I make my NerdKit into a ECG? There are three leads Red, Black and White with a lithium 3.5 volt battery.

The bluetooth will take a bit but it seems getting a reading might be fairly simple, is it?


June 19, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

I have been working on a similar idea, only using the little oscilloscope as a display rather than the NK. I can see a possibility to use the NK as a data collection and interface to a PC where the PC can then use software to decode and make use of the data.

Let me dig around my notes and draw up a diagram of what I have so far.

June 20, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

Here is a link to an article that describes the function and also provides a schematic for one you can build your self.


It is a lot more complete than my chicken scratches on scraps of paper.

June 21, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

It is just absolutely amazing the volume of information that is available to anyone who takes the time to google a subject.

There is a ECG wiki that is very informative and then there is the Open ECG Project for those interested in building ECG monitors.

It would certainly be fun to essentially turn the NerdKit into a oscilloscope using some external components and amplifiers.

The hard thing is locating the leads.


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