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Support Forum » [WANTED] Nerdkits with ATmega1280 microcontroller

April 18, 2010
by Shanytc
Shanytc's Avatar

I would really like to have an ATmega1280 mcu using the nerdkits bootloader! Is it possible for the nerdkits guys actually make this happen and have it purchased from the store?

I guess if the ATMega1280 can't be mounted on breadboard, a custom nerdkits PCB can be created, just like for example the Arduino ?

ATMega168/328 has low flash memory! too low! Unless we code in avr asm (to optimize code size) it's hard to make big projects.

any thoughts?

April 19, 2010
by treymd
treymd's Avatar

wooo that has alot of pins. I think the spirit of nerdkits, and why I appreciate these guys so much is that they want to keep it simple. There are so many development boards out there that cost anywhere from tolerable to so much that people are afraid to experiment because of the financial risk.

Yeah, nerkits can move in the direction of sparkfun and company (and start producing breakout boards), and perhaps they should for the benefit of themselves, and all, but I do like that they "kept it simple"

April 19, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

Yep, it's a busy chip alright!

Maybe a bit much for this stuff.

April 20, 2010
by Shanytc
Shanytc's Avatar

Yes a lot of pins, but it gives 128k of flash. I don't know how people work with 16 or 32, it's too small, the simpliest program with few libraries almost fills the flash up.

Since the ATMega1280 has a lot of pins to deal with, it cannot fit into a regular breadboard, which is where a PCB comes into action.

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