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April 09, 2010
by Shanytc
Shanytc's Avatar

Hey all, I was wondering, thanks to my very limited knowledge in electronics (not programming) I always find my self puzzled by many many things in electronics, even the most basic stuff, not that it's really hard, but because my logic doesn't grasp the need of different components and how they really must integrate into a circuit or what we need them to operate.

The NerdKits pdf guide really give basic information, however, I think that a more comprehensive thread of information must be created so we could ALWAYS go back and find the 'eureka' moment.

I think I will write here the most basic stuff, with examples, and when ever I fail, someone could always fix or suggest otherwise.

I know there is a lot of tutorials out there, but having a forum with people and knowledge under their belt is always great.

I hope this thread should become valuable sometime and hope it will grow up!

Feel free to fix, complain, change, add, remove, suggest anything! Since there is no other way for newbies to learn :)

I will add from time to time, videos/schemes from a point of view of a newbie, so don't go ballistic haha :D

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