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Microcontroller Programming » My new game for my EES

March 31, 2010
by lcruz007
lcruz007's Avatar

Hello, I just programmed a new game for the EES. (A video game system I developed with the Nerdkits).

Please let me know what you think of this new game:

It's still in beta version though.


April 07, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

That's cool Pong was one of the few games I ever spent much time playing.

Could you list our components especially what you did to the nerdkit to sense the tilt to move the paddle.


April 08, 2010
by lcruz007
lcruz007's Avatar

Hello Ralph,

My video game system uses the power of a total of 4 microcontrollers that are divided into different functions, one is for video, another for sound, and the last two MCUs are the ones that handle the infrared communication between both systems (the controller and the video game console).

There is a Memsic 2125 dual axis accelerometer in the remote controller that outputs a signal that the MCU reads which changes proportionally to the changes in gravity, motion that is.

For more information please check out my website:

Best Regards

April 09, 2010
by BobaMosfet
BobaMosfet's Avatar


Really nice work!

It might interest you to know that an original implementation of this had been done on a General Instruments DIP-28, clocked at just 2MHz. It controlled the dot-clock and VBI, sound, and input-- everything. It only takes about a dozen additional components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, speaker, etc) to make it work.

That chip also contained 5 additional games.

It's really cool to see someone bring this nostalgic item back to life! It provided endless hours of fun!


April 10, 2010
by Farmerjoecoledge
Farmerjoecoledge's Avatar

Hi lcruz007, I was/am at your site and your download page is off line. Maybe you'ld like to know. fjc

April 10, 2010
by lcruz007
lcruz007's Avatar

Hello, I still don't have the downloads ready (there is a note at that page, that I am still working in the code). Although, if you want, you can visit the section for other projects, and try a PC game I programmed (that's the only download for now).

Thank you!

Best Regards

April 10, 2010
by Hexorg
Hexorg's Avatar

As a version 2.0 you might want to try Arcanoid game :)

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