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Project Help and Ideas » Wireless transmission

February 26, 2010
by Hexorg
Hexorg's Avatar

Hey guys, a little off-top first, wanted to thank NertKit team for the great product! I keep googling everything I can to gain as much knowledge as possible, but I can't seen to fing one thing - how to transmit radio waves, and receive them. I have a good idea about the software part - say, 1000Hz signal is 0, 2000Hz - 1, and based on that you can transmit the information, bla bla bla, what I can't seem to find is what part will actually convert voltages to radio waves? sort-of radio-wave speaker.

I did try to build an infrared receiver and get the frequency form my tv remote, but that was just a few inches away... I'd like to achieve at least 5-10 ft.

February 26, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi Hexorg,

Radio transmitting and receiving are gigantic topics that can take years to master. I think you just "bla bla blaed" yourself past several semesters worth or signals and communication theory =).

What you briefly described is a frequency modulated digital signal which is a good way to send a digital signal across an analogue channel. Regardless, if you want to do radio communications your best bet is to use a pre-built module that handles the radio part, user JKITSON used one such module in his tractor pull sled

IR is another way to go that is a bit easier. You will still need some sort of amplification on the receiver side (which is why you were only getting a few inches without amplification). You will then have to deal with noise issues and a whole lot of other fun stuff! They do have IR receivers with the amplification already built in, you might want to look into those. Lcruz has put together a couple of projects with IR emitter receiver pairs including his accelerometer project. Maybe he can give you some insight as to how difficult that was.


February 26, 2010
by Hexorg
Hexorg's Avatar

Lol, well right now I'm a freshman, majoring in Electronics Engineering, but electronics and computers were my passion ever since I was a kid, so I self taught myself a lot of things... And now I'm really bored in my classes, so I decided to get into micro-controllers, which really opens a "3rd-dimension" of electronics.

But anyway, the links are great! Bah, I'm trying to save for the wizarding world, but I think I'll get radio's from your post with my next paycheck. For now, I'll try to play with IR diodes - I have dual op-amp somewhere, do you think it should work well enough to amplify the signal?

Thanks :) Hexorg (or, I see many people use their real names here, I'm Stanislav, or Stan)

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