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Customer Testimonials » NerdKit review

February 12, 2010
by Frozenlock
Frozenlock's Avatar

I've played with the NerdKit for some months now and I'm ready to give my review.

When I ordered the Nerdkit, I was a total electronic noob. I mean it. I've played with some electricity in the past, but the only thing I learned (or retained) was the Omh law.

That's it, V=IR.

The NerdKit introduced me to the infinite possibilities of the microcontroller. Seriously, if you haven't touched that, you haven't touched anything worthwhile.

The tutorials are well designed and introduce you to many of the things you will need in this marvelous world of electronics, like the bit manipulation, the pull-up resistors and clock speed. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, you can venture in what is the true force of the NerdKit: the extensibility. Like the Lego blocks, you can add your own components to the kit to make something new, bigger, and in the true meaning of the word, awesome. (And unlike Lego, electronic components are really cheap.)

With a throbbing community of enthusiasts ready to help, you won't feel alone when facing a problem (and you will). Chances are that someone else already bumped into something similar.

In 3 months, I've gone from Ohm law, to designing my own PCBs for my projects*. Like the overused sentence says: Invest in yourself.

*Results may vary ;-)


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