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April 25, 2009
by ranger
ranger's Avatar

I guess it's time for me to write my review...

I just received my second order... another MCU, the bigger LCD screen and stuff. For both orders, they shipped fast, and none of the parts have been damaged. My only "negative" comment is the... enthusiastic packaging, which I suppose is why none of the parts were damaged, but it still takes a little bit of doing to unpack everything.

I'm typically a slow learner with tech stuff; I learned PHP by buying multiple books, spending over a year switching between them and online tutorials. Between the nerdkits guide and the speedy (and very helpful) responses from the nerdkits team, I've been learning fairly quickly.

Well worth the $90ish I paid for the nerdkit and shipping. I also highly recommend getting a pair of needle-nose pliers; they're not required, but it makes it a little easier to work in/around crowded wiring.

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