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April 08, 2009
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi everybody, this is Humberto from the video tutorials. We are always in need of project ideas that we can turn into Video Tutorials. Ideally these projects are medium scale (weekend project), have an interesting end product, and teach something in the process. This is a great place to discuss things you would like to see explained on our tutorials!

Thanks for your input. Humberto

April 09, 2009
by MacGyver
MacGyver's Avatar

I'd like to see some RFID tech.

Perhaps something like a lockbox, that when the correct RFID is scanned, a servo is activated to open the latch.

Also I don't know how advanced it would be, but perhaps some wireless tech such as receiving an 8bit number over an antenna, such that it could enable digital code locking for transmitting / receiving so noise doesn't accidentally trigger it.

April 09, 2009
by jerrynsara
jerrynsara's Avatar

how about a simple guitar effect. you'll need some 1/4" cable adapters, but you should be able to create a simple delay or overdrive effect. lots of people like guitar, even if they can't play. it could spark some interest.

April 09, 2009
by jbremnant
jbremnant's Avatar

I'd like to see projects that uses: 1) TCP/IP stack via ethernet adapter 2) bluetooth connectivity

It would be nice to see nerdkit just "hook" into the existing home network and really expand the idea of bridging the virtual-to-physical world. If the nerdkit can talk one of the common network protocols, it doesn't have to be physically attached to a PC, and open up doors for other slew of interesting projects. I think arduino already has an ethernet shield that allows network communication. I would love to see something like that on nerdkit.

April 09, 2009
by Metalx1000
Metalx1000's Avatar

Make a Universal remote. One that can learn from other IR devices. Or at lest be able to send and recive IR signals.

April 09, 2009
by Kevin
Kevin's Avatar

I second jbremnant's suggestion. I would like to see ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring or kick off a script, send an email, etc if some event occurs or a condition is met.

Also, the temp sensor program will write data back to the pc's usb port. A tutorial on how to capture this data would be cool.

April 09, 2009
by FWSquatch
FWSquatch's Avatar

I love jbremnant's idea. That is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. I want to be able to make cool things happen (like ring a buzzer or display a message) remotely, like with an email or through my home server.

April 09, 2009
by mcai8sh4
mcai8sh4's Avatar

@FWSquatch - if you build the led marquee, then connect it to your home server, you can display a message remotely. Once I've figured out the python-listener, I could then check emails and display ones containing a certain subject. I suppose this could be modified to buzz a buzzer instead.

April 09, 2009
by FWSquatch
FWSquatch's Avatar

Thanks for the heads up mcai8sh4. I haven't tried that one out yet.

April 09, 2009
by wayward
wayward's Avatar

I don't know how easy or hard it would be to interface ATmega with one of the TCP/IP stack implementations, but I suspect it's just too complicated to be a simple project. One can imagine running a small PPP implementation on the MCU, however, a simpler way would be to just write a specific message straight to the UART when the microcontroller sees something interesting happen. On the computer, have a program that listens for the message and does something else. For example, on Linux and in bash (using GNU grep):

while true; do grep -m1 "^trigger_message" /dev/ttyUSB0 && mail -s "Intruder Alarm!"; done

would send an e-mail to when the MCU outputs "trigger_message" via UART.


April 09, 2009
by DonNYC
DonNYC's Avatar

I would like to see tutorial on controlling relays. Using both MOSFET and regular transistors.

April 09, 2009
by Starwarslegokid
Starwarslegokid's Avatar

I would like to see how to hook up two nerdkits and send messages between them. I think this would be a good way to explain how interrupts work and how to use them so you don't miss a message from the other nerdkit.

Some cool projects could be: <br> Two way morse code, expand on other project Laser Tag, use a IR led and IR receiver * Wireless messages using these:

Scott B-)

April 10, 2009
by warbux
warbux's Avatar

Similar to some of the responses above, I'd like to see anything related to networking, servos, home automation, etc.

April 11, 2009
by mcai8sh4
mcai8sh4's Avatar

I don't know enough about electronics (mainly timers/timing... or any of it for that matter :) ), but I'd like to see a simple binary clock ( you know the type of thing, displays the time in binary form using LEDs.

I imagine displaying the time is not the issue (the binary adder is a good place to start I suppose). I can program one for the computer, but I wouldn't know how to get an accurate 'second' on the MCU.

If it's not too difficult, I think this would be a nice little one day project. I imagine you'd have to trade off between simplicity and accuracy.

April 11, 2009
by Ethanal
Ethanal's Avatar

Maybe you could make a tutorial about the basics of transistors. You could include information like how to use them, what the different kinds are, what they are for, etc.

April 24, 2009
by bruin_jim
bruin_jim's Avatar

How about a servo motor controller?

April 24, 2009
by bruin_jim
bruin_jim's Avatar

Oops, just saw your servo thing on the video tutorials. :) Ignore my last post please.

June 29, 2009
by ukbod
ukbod's Avatar

ethernet example please...

July 20, 2009
by BoloBit64
BoloBit64's Avatar

Acelerometer and Nerdkit capabilities

August 23, 2011
by serkanozkan
serkanozkan's Avatar

I wrote that before, But I really like to see how piezoelectric printheads works with nerdkits without limitation of ink counter.


August 24, 2011
by hariharan
hariharan's Avatar

I would like to see a tutorial on wireless communication with xbee

August 24, 2011
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar

I second hariharan.

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