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Support Forum » Nerdkits and FreeBSD

January 25, 2010
by davidcollins001
davidcollins001's Avatar


I run FreeBSD and wanted to see if I could interface it with my new Nerdkit before having to use another OS.

It was very simple to get working. The pl2303 driver is supported in the uplcom driver that can be loaded either by:

# kldload uplcom

or by:

echo 'uplcom_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf

dmesg shows the device appear as /dev/cuaU0 (on FreeBSD-8 at least).

To install the programmer from ports:

cd /usr/ports/devel/avrdude
make install

The avr tool chain also needs to be installed from ports:

cd /usr/ports/devel/avr-libc
make -DNOPORTDOCS install

This installs all the dependancies also, and prevents the documentation system (including doxygen and tetex) from being installed.

I ran avrdude as root

Thanks for a great kit


January 09, 2012
by fc
fc's Avatar

This worked on 7.4 like a champ. Thanks.

One last trick if you don't like to 'su' or log in as root. cuaUx belongs to the 'dialer' group. Go into '/etc/group', find the line 'dialer', and add your login to the end of the line, as in -

Find -


end with


No more root requirement for avrdude.


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