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Everything Else » This site is dying :/

December 09, 2013
by Pew446
Pew446's Avatar

I remember getting my first NerdKit, it's what really got me interested in electronics. I remember I was something like 13 years old and built the LED ticker, really blew everyone's mind, including mine. It was probably one of the coolest experiences I've had, and ever since building it I've been trying to teach myself more so I can build bigger and cooler projects. The NerdKit changed my life, and this community has helped. I've tried to get support on the Arduino forums, but it just doesn't feel as welcome as this forum. This site is full of nice, awesome people who love to help each-other, and that's why I keep coming back.

Unfortunately though, I've noticed that over time, parts of the site have been dying.. First the creators stopped visiting the forums, then store was sold out of everything, the library is dead, and now the testimonials forum is dead, too. I'm sure anyone could predict at this point that we will all soon have to find a new home, so I was curious if anyone knows of any small, helpful communities like this one. If not, I might end up creating a new one, with new libraries, a new forum, better user profiles, etc. I don't want to see NerdKits go down the toilet, but right now that's where it appears to be headed.. :(

December 10, 2013
by dgikuljot
dgikuljot's Avatar


Bobamosfet is in the works of creating a new community where he will have a similar forum/ resources.He will also have a store where their will be micro controller kits, and all sorts of expansions sold. Ill post the link to sign up for his contact list tonight. His project has been delayed a little but it will be up eventually.

December 10, 2013
by dvdsnyd
dvdsnyd's Avatar


Here is the thread that you can get added to the list of BM's site he is creating to extend the community.


December 10, 2013
by Pew446
Pew446's Avatar

Thanks guys, I already signed up for his new store, but I had no idea he would be making forums too, that sounds awesome! I would love to help support the new community when it's up and running. Thanks for the info!

December 12, 2013
JKITSON's Avatar


Rick's site has a lot of Nerdkits info & help also.


December 14, 2013
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Once again, so that everyone has the reference.

The Web Archive has a mostly complete archive of the Nerdkits Web Site and the Nerdkits Library

Some articles cannot be found in the Library but if you search different days you get different results so you eventually can find most articles.

You have to go to search for and then select [Forum] to see the forum for that day.

Searching for fails, or at least it does for me.

The Nerdkits forum results are by the day of the image so finding a specific thread is chancy but if you have any idea about the date you might find something.

Well you can go back in history with the [View All] link so you probable can find a specific thread, with patience.


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