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August 20, 2013
by narmi
narmi's Avatar

I recently view a tutorial that uses atmel32 chip and they compiled it from the winAvr editor to the chip without the command prompt. can i do the same with my nerdkit?

August 20, 2013
by Noter
Noter's Avatar

You could set up an IDE like Eclipse to compile and program the chip for you but that would be a whole lot more work unless you are already an expert on that sort of thing.

August 21, 2013
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Short answer, Yes, that is if you are referring to compiling from within programmers notepad. You can simply select the tools menu from the toolbar then select make all. This will process the makefile in the folder the program in the active window resides in. This actually shells out and runs make in the background, the response you would normally see on the command line appears in the 'Output' window at the bottom of programmers notepad.


August 21, 2013
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Programmers NotePad like Rick suggested is part of of your install from Nerdkits!

There is also Atmel Studio.


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