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Support Forum » Problem with "anodes"

July 09, 2013
by Novaxis
Novaxis's Avatar

Hi everyone,

I just finished (actually started :p) my 5*24 LED array and I encountered a problem. It seems that only the cathodes' rows are working. To be clear, as there's 24 rows of LEDS and the first one is #0, we can see that rows #0, #2, #4... and #22 don't work at all.

To be sure, I double check the wiring on the board and on the array and it seems OK. Also I test the array with ledarray test compile file, so I'm pretty sure that all the LEDs should be working.

Any Ideas?

thanks for your answers


July 09, 2013
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Cedric, could you post some pictures.

We might see something.


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