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Support Forum » LED Array problem

October 28, 2012
by wadaltmon
wadaltmon's Avatar

Hello, I recently set up my LED Marquee kit and went through the guide. I did all the code and transferred it to the MCU, but now, I am experiencing some problems. in the beginning of the program, it sends "NO DATA " to the MCU. All mine does is send the N in NO DATA, so I am assuming that my MCU is not sending the "n" back to the computer. However, I checked all my code and it is all correct. I also checked the Python code and redownloaded it to be safe. Still, it did not work. I used the LED array template program that comes with the source code that you can download. I transferred that to the MCU, but that did the same thing: It only sent the first letter, and then gets stuck on "Waiting for request..." in the CMD. I tried typing things in and pressing enter, but it doesn't really do anything.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance,


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