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Everything Else » USB bootloader.

October 01, 2009
by adil
adil's Avatar


In your booklet you mentioned about loading a bootloader in a new MCU.

Can we use this method to load a bootloader?

It seems so simple, that I think I can build it on my breadboard. Am I right? Kindly advise.


October 02, 2009
by Dan
Dan's Avatar

I have a vista 64 at home and a Xp computer at school and neither one will connect with the USB what do I need to do to connect to these so that I can program the chip?

October 03, 2009
by adil
adil's Avatar


These computers then definately be having DB9 serial port Where you can easily connect the programming header provided with the nerdkits kit.

October 03, 2009
by Farmerjoecoledge
Farmerjoecoledge's Avatar

Your missing the driver for the rs232 (serial adapter) There was a little cd in the same package as the blue adapter. Is that what you mean? And the bootloader is already loaded on the chip. The nerds added their own to simplify the receiving of the data and or code.

Also if your serious about programing with the nerdkit you should get yourself a cheap secondhand comp (got this dell latitude for 100.00 at a secondhand store)and put ubuntu on it. Even then when i first started with linux i had it installed on it's own partition and it destroyed windows boot.ini and could no longer boot into windows. The only fix was a reinstall and i don't have the disks so it's linux on the dell and windows on the good machine. In my experence with learning linux you definatly need two machines i almost had to google everything.

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