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Project Help and Ideas » LED to Show that Data is Being Sent to the Dev Board

September 27, 2012
by karam
karam's Avatar

I recently made a simple dev board with the NerdKits hardware which works great for programming my ATMega168. See the photos below. I would like to add one more feature though. I've seen dev boards which have an LED that turns on while the chip is being programmed. Just wondering if I could do the same for my dev board. So what I'm really looking for is a pin on the MCU which pulls up or down based on whether or not the chip is receiving data. I'd poke around with my DMM, but the data gets sent too fast. Does anyone know if there's a pin like that on the ATMega168? Thanks!

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September 28, 2012
by karam
karam's Avatar

Actually I think I'll justd drop a couple MOSFET on the data line from the USB, to toggle between green and red LEDs accordingly. Problem solved.

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