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Microcontroller Programming » R/C Car Programing

August 26, 2012
by musesick
musesick's Avatar

I've started the iPhone R/C car project and so far have it partially working. I can navigate to the webpage with an iPod and can move the car. The two main issues I'm having are: I can only use an iPod to move the car. I've used an android tablet and phone, both show the webpage but only the iPod gives a confirmation message that say is it connected and allows me to move the car. I know the cause of my second issue, which is the R/C car I used is a different model and uses forward/reverse and left/right controls rather than the right/forward right/revers and left/forward left/reveres. Because of this I think I would need to make a new rc_car.c file to account for the difference in controllers. Right now the car doesn't respond right when you try and move forward or make a turn. Is there a more in depth description of what the code in the original rc_car.c is doing?

I used WebSockets in Windows to get the webserver running, if that makes a difference.

August 28, 2012
by musesick
musesick's Avatar

Thought I should clarify my issues a bit. I want to understand what is happening in the rc_car.c code enough to rewrite the functions to account for my car's different control configuration. The comments in the main function don't really do much to explain what is happening with each step.

The other issue I'm having is with the websockets method of interfacing with the COM port found within this thread:

Like I mentioned before, I have some car control when using an iPod touch, but only with that device. I've tried two separate android devices (tablet and phone) with all the major browsers, none of them seem to be able to connect to the websocket. I can navigate to the page, can move my finger over the page and the X & Y axis numbers change as I move, but I never get the connect message or see input on the websocket server window like I would if using the iPod. I don't see anything in the webpage code that would restrict connection to an iOS device.

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