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Support Forum » bootloader version?

August 16, 2012
by fishberg5051
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so it's my understanding that NK have the avr109 boot loader on them. Is it possible to read this information from the mcu using avrdude somehow? Could I verify what bootloader is on other chips as well? Just curious about all this stuff.


August 31, 2012
by bretm
bretm's Avatar

AVR109 isn't a specific bootloader, it's an AVR application note published at that describes how someone could implement a bootloader on an Atmega. The NerdKits bootloader is based on the "Foodloader" bootloader published at which is one particular implementation of the protocol described in AVR109.

As far as I know, MCU code should be able to read the contents of program memory in the bootloader area, but there's no standard way to identify bootloader program versions.

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