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Project Help and Ideas » Electronic Fire (Led Flickering)

August 04, 2012
by dgikuljot
dgikuljot's Avatar

Hey guys, I needed to create an electronic flame effect using leds. I was wondering how I could do this with the microcontroller. Lets lets just say we were going to use 1 pin for 1 led which was going to represent a candle . Would we use pwm or just turn the pin high/ low at certain speeds. If it is pwm, I have never dealt with that before and can definetly use some example code.

P.S. This led flame is for a project for my neighbor. I am decorating his son's bike for burning man with leds and circuits to do fancy stuff, and I thought some sort of flame effect with leds would match the theme.


August 07, 2012
by pcbolt
pcbolt's Avatar

Check out the "Blinking Valentines Day Heart" project on the tutorial page. Has all the info you need.

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