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Sensors, Actuators, and Robotics » Help needed with CP2103

July 23, 2012
by rmore
rmore's Avatar

Hello All,

So I am using a AVRISP mkII programmer to program my chip now. Also I am now trying to read values from my sensor (a photoresistor). So I need UART capability.

I thus went ahead and bought a CP2103 breakout board. I installed Hyperterminal since Windows7 does not come with it. When I connect the CP2103, i see a red LED glowing. So it must be powered fine.

I dont see any thing on the hyperterminal though. It says I am connected and the clock at the bottom ticks away.

Does anybody who has experience with using the CP2103 tell me where I am going wrong?

Since there is a whole lot of things that could go wrong (code could go wrong...setting up the baud rate etc could go wrong...i think my wiring is correct) is it possible for anybody to mail me their simple code (with the UART header file etc.) just so that I understand the coding and see how a sensor value can be read using the UART?

This would be really helpful to me since my next mini project needs me to read sensor value.

Thanks a lot. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me to answer this question.


July 24, 2012
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Do you have a link to the CP2103 board you bought? Could you provide a photo of your connections from that board to your microcontroller? Are you running a program you wrote or one of the sample code programs provided in the code download?


July 24, 2012
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

rmore, do you have the Nerdkits tempsensor project running?

I mean did you at least start there before trying different components?

The temp sensor project uses UART communications with the PC so you "should" be able to start with that.


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