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Everything Else » A Terminal program that can read uart from AVR for linux

September 14, 2009
by tech20
tech20's Avatar

The title says it all, I am not knowledgable enough about coding to make a program that does this, has anyonemade one, or know a source for one

September 14, 2009
by mrobbins
(NerdKits Staff)

mrobbins's Avatar

Hi tech20,

Try "minicom" -- see our Servo Squirter tutorial page for some more details about how to set it up properly (scroll down to "Serial Port Communications"). Hope that helps!


September 14, 2009
by wayward
wayward's Avatar


you may want to try to read directly from the UART:

stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 -parity -cstopb

then you can read and write to it using cat, echo, tee, etc. or write your own program. Minicom is a good idea, but you only need it to configure the device, which is what the above line attempts to do too.

September 15, 2009
by pbfy0
pbfy0's Avatar


I posted a serial reader in perl. It should work for linux as well as mac

September 17, 2009
by tech20
tech20's Avatar

thank you for the help, i'll try these out and see if they work out well for what i need

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