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Microcontroller Programming » Curious about Wireless

August 26, 2009
by shix
shix's Avatar

I was wondering if anyone has done anything to connect the microcontroler to the computer wirelessly somehow...

I thought it would be really cool if you could connect your nerdkit to your computer through Bluetooth. I suppose you could probably send it signals through some sort of RF connection?

I'm not necessarily serious about the project, but i would be very interested to hear about any possibilities or ideas.

Cheers, Andrew

August 26, 2009
by Nerdful_com
Nerdful_com's Avatar

You can do bluetooth and something like "lowfi" that's low powered wifi that you will need a transciever and a receiver unit for.

I can not yet tell you what works yet, I have been looking into it myself. But I know it can be done so be patient :)

August 26, 2009
by sgmaniac1255
sgmaniac1255's Avatar

im looking into some wireless tech as well, currently im researching Zigbee and Bluetooth for various applications

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