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Basic Electronics » ADC reads fluctuating voltage when nothing is connected!

February 03, 2012
by benlbroussard
benlbroussard's Avatar

I made my way through the Nerd Kits Guide. During the temperature sensor portion, I noticed that when I removed the thermometer, the temperature started fluctuating. Specifically what I am noticing is that the ADC is reporting a quickly fluctuating value between about 155 and 175 (out of 1024). Also, right when I plug in the battery, the number drops from closer to 400ish.

This surprised me ... a lot! I am using the sample code, and I have double checked all wiring. If I insert the temperature sensor, everything works fine. I'm just trying to understand where that voltage is coming from.

I looked at the datasheet. On page 246, there is a diagram of the ADC setup. I'm grasping at straws, but I could imagine that the input multiplexer is funky, or maybe breaking the circuit causes the multiplexer bits in ADMUX to choose the bandgap voltage of 1.1V (though I would expect closer to 225, and stability). Thoughts?

February 03, 2012
by BobaMosfet
BobaMosfet's Avatar

What you're seeing is capacitive and inductive noise. Without an input attached to override the noise, you're seeing a very sensitive ADC influenced by electrical activity in the MCU.


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