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Customer Testimonials » LCD Array kit a great learning experience.

January 07, 2012
by dianeensey
dianeensey's Avatar

The kit arrived within days, even though I ordered it just before Christmas. The documentation and explanations were really thorough and I got it working with no problems whatsoever. Well, a slight problem with me understanding bitwise operations, but I got that sorted.

I put it in a shadow box I got on sale at Michaels. The diffuser is wrapping paper tissue, ironed and stuck to the inside of the glass with spray mount. Right now I have it streaming the weather and updates from the people I follow on Twitter.

I'm taking the photo at a slight angle, so it looks crooked, but it isn't in real life.

LCD Array

January 07, 2012
by chris6801
chris6801's Avatar

I just got my LED Array yesterday. I want to find a nice material and get started. I've recently finished all the intro Nerdkits projects so this is a great next step for me.

A word of warning to anyone who is silly enough to try what i did: DO NOT plug your LEDs straight into the breadboards positive and negative terminals, the ~4.8 volts is plenty to fry an LED. Luckily the guys included something like 150/160 LEDs which is about 30/40 extra over the 120 necessary.

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