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Support Forum » Does the code snippet have Row and Column backward?

January 03, 2012
by curly51248
curly51248's Avatar


I am trying to understand the code and completely re-write.
But when I look at the interrupt handler I can't understand what is meant because to me it looks like the author has the Row/Column terminology backwards.

Does anybody else think the same way? I mean, to me there are only 5 rows... and the polarity is unimportant... until you are in a different column.

Can I assume when the author wrote la_row%2 == 0, it REALLY mean la_col%2 == 0?

Thanks in advance,

January 04, 2012
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Yes and no. I believe what they did was make the program work as though there were twice as many rows and half the columns. However, row 0 and 1 column 0 are essentially arranged in the display as row 0 column 0 and 1. I believe (based on their video tutorial) that the doubling of width came after the initial program and this was probably the easiest way to code the addition without major re-writing.


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