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Basic Electronics » 2-ROW LCD Only Displaying 2 Rows of 8 dark blocks....

July 09, 2011
by michaelcmuir
michaelcmuir's Avatar

I have one of the older kits with a 2 row LCD.
The micro is running the temp program (verified with the com port traffic). The LCD was working but I botched a wiring change and may have connected it to 12VDC. Would that blow out the LCD?

Thanks, Mike

July 10, 2011
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

It could have. I rebuild everyting from scratch and if it still give the same result, it may be time to upgrade to the newer 4 line disply.

July 10, 2011
by gcharris
gcharris's Avatar

Sadly those displays are very sensitive to overvoltage. I actually just recently killed one with an accidental application of 12V directly to the power rail. (I actually had 5 different chips connected at the time and only the LCD was damaged).

You can buy replacement 20x4 ones for about $4-5 on ebay.

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