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Everything Else » Wake via Serial to USB

June 18, 2011
by grombletromble
grombletromble's Avatar

I'm trying to get my microcontroller to wake a PC up via the Serial to USB cable I got with the Nerdkit. I've investigated a bit and it doesn't appear as though the cable is recognised as USB, more like a COM port and obviously Windows 7 doesn't like to be awoken by COM ports to my knowledge. Anyway, my query is to whether it would be possible to wake up a computer via the microcontroller when it is connected and powered by the USB?

June 18, 2011
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar

Hi grombletromble,

You could write a python program that detects when a com port is opened and then it starts up then alerting the computer to wake up.


June 18, 2011
by grombletromble
grombletromble's Avatar

Hmm, but the program can't run while the computer is asleep can it? It's not the OS that wakes the system but the motherboard and BIOS, so essentially to get it to wake via the COM port I think I would have to modify the BIOS O_O

Anyway, I have found a suitable workaround - I have just set my motherboard to wake at a certain time every day and then from there I will do some python programming for what I want to do. Which is good I guess because it frees up my Nerdkit to do some other stuff with!

June 19, 2011
by Noter
Noter's Avatar

You could switch from the usb to a serial port and use the ring indicator ping to wake on ring.

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