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Project Help and Ideas » Control RC car with Iphone(IPAD) - Windows users

June 08, 2011
by met_fredrik
met_fredrik's Avatar


I've seen many people wondering about how to get the iphone rc car tutorial working in a windows environment, so I decided to make a simple windows compatible solution using websockets. The server is programmed using c#, and the html page is based of the file from the original project.

Note: The javascript was designed to fit an Ipad, as I don't have an Iphone at the moment.

In the binary folder there is two textfiles; socket.txt and serial.txt.

Inside socket.txt you will see: Which is the IP adress and port of the computer which is hosting the websocket server.

In serial.txt you will see: COM3. Just change it to the correct com port you will be using!

1. Make sure you have compiled everything on your microcontroller correctly!
2. Run a webserver as described in the original tutorial by the Nerdkit guys!
3. Place the ipad.html in your webserver folder.
4. Make sure you write the correct settings in the text files.
5. Run the server, tune the Ipad/Iphone in on the right page.
6. Drive.

Here is a zipfile containing a compiled binary websocket server, and the sourcecode for it.

I am sure I have missed something, so just post below what problems you might have. Really hoping that someone will find this useful!


If you want to modify the server on your own you will need either Visual C# Express or Visual Studio. From there it's pretty straight forward!

Sources: Fleck Nerdkits


June 08, 2011
by met_fredrik
met_fredrik's Avatar

EDIT:Updated link for server binary

February 10, 2013
by trabates1
trabates1's Avatar

How do you start the web socket and do i change the socket.txt to my ip address and port or leave it?

February 14, 2013
by trabates1
trabates1's Avatar

So i figured out my first question i asked a few days ago after some research but i have stumbled upon a new problem. i can access my localhost page via phone or tablet but for some reason the websocket does not connect. is there a setting in the computer i am missing?

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