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Customer Testimonials » Nerdkit to the rescue!

June 07, 2011
by JMitchell
JMitchell's Avatar

Hello, I used a modified tempsensor program to record max and min voltages on a circuit that was causing intermittent problems in our newer and complicated vehicle. I have spent over $500 at service garages all to no avail until I used the nerd kit. I cut the wire feeding the suspect circuit and wired a 3/32" welding rod into the wiring so the iron conductor would give a voltage proportional to the amperage. The nerdkit just monitored the circuit and recorded min and max amperage(voltage). When the intermittent problem showed up, the LCD told the story that $500 couldn't. Thanks for the kit. My next projects will include a solar heat controller and a chlorine dosing pump controller. Thanks for your very useful website and kits.

July 04, 2011
by tombuss2000
tombuss2000's Avatar

I got mine quick like you did too. I have started on the nerd kits manual and am halfway through it already. Seems like lots of fun. I mounted my breadboard to the readout with the double sided tape that comes already on it. I just cut the paper backing off in a strip with a razor and left the rest on. Then I mounted the usb cable with zip ties too. I am an excited nerd.

alt text

July 08, 2011
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar

Hi tombuss2000,

Glad to hear you're having a blast! Your setup looks nice.


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