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Customer Testimonials » Received my kit in two days

April 29, 2011
by Rachid
Rachid's Avatar

I received my kit 2 days after I put in my order and so far I am very impressed. Lot to learn. I was always afraid to use uP and this kit does make it very easy and fun to learn. Thanks to the guys at Nerdkits and I will highly recommend to friends.

April 30, 2011
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Welcome... Welcome Sign

I don't know what level you are at in your electronics knowledge or programming skills, but as you grow with your kit, there are poeple here happy to help out if you get stumped. Many of us began with small amounts of general knowledge and have grown considerably through the community spirit of this forum. I honestly believe you won't find a better group of people than these here.


April 30, 2011
by Rachid
Rachid's Avatar

Thank Rick you for the words of encouragment. I have good knowledge of electronics but I always tried to stay away from microprocessors. This kit and forum what I have looking for. I am planning to go through the guide and then start some experiments of my own



May 05, 2011
by killercow
killercow's Avatar

Hi all,

I've been looking at this forum for a few weeks now. There's a lot of smarts here. I ordered my NK and the LED array about 3 weeks ago. I'm working on making a rocket count-down timer for my great-nephew, he get's to launch rockets soon in the scouts. I'll post my code and circuit when I get them just right. I'll also post in the thread where everyone introduced themselves.

Thanks for all the great reading, Kevin

May 06, 2011
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar

HI killercow,

Sounds very use full . I'm a life scout ready to make eagle in a year or so. Keep us posted on the rocket countdown timer. My friend and I recently shot off a model rocket and I was VERY surprised to see that the electronic rocket launcher only had to put out roughly 5volts for it to light off the little explosive cap to then ignite the rocket motor. So I suppose that can easily be modified with the nerdkit at hand.


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