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Basic Electronics » Setting baudrate for bluetooth connectivity

March 31, 2011
by AbhishekBhat
AbhishekBhat's Avatar

Hi, I am a mechanical engineer, but am really new to the world microcontrollers and am having a little mind block regarding setting the baud rate. for my project, I am trying to interface the microcontroller with a bluetooth device, and the device says that the baud rate must be set to 9600 bps.

1) How do i set the correct frequency on the UART. I checked up the data sheet, and it gives a formula to calculate the UBRR value. Going by that calculation, I need to set UBRRL to 5 . But in the initialization, you have set it to 7. Do I just add the line "UBRR0L = 5;" in my main code after initializing the uart_init(), so that I dont tamper with the library file?

2) on the same lines, how is the baudrate for the LCD set, or does it not require a baudrate?

Thanks much, Abhishek

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