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Everything Else » Using Atmega 168 20-pu with Labview

February 16, 2011
by fiugrads2011
fiugrads2011's Avatar

I am wondering if anyone would know if you can use the Atmega 168 microcontroller with labview, and if so, how would you go about doing so(i.e how would you wire the daq to the microcontroller to get the cross-talk between cpu & controller, and how do you u get labview to recognize and talk to the microcontroller)?

February 16, 2011
by 6ofhalfdozen
6ofhalfdozen's Avatar

I haven't used LabView in years(it was on an old Mac running mac OS3), but there used to be functions and code to let you use the serial port for RS232 and 4xx and have labview communicate and control through that. I would imagine the newer versions of Labview have the capabilities to use the serial ports or custom configurate various analog or digital controls. Its definately possible, so try checking the labview support documents for interfacing instruments.

February 18, 2011
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi fiugrads2011,

6ofhalfdozen is exactly right. There is no magical piece of code will make the Atmega168 just "come up" in lab view, if you want to interface it you will need to write the interface over the serial port to the chip, much the same way we have interfaced with other programming languages like Python. It would definitely be a neat exercise and if nothing else you will understand more about LabView in the end.


May 25, 2011
by Rachid
Rachid's Avatar

Hi all, This thread got me thinking and I was able today to interface Labview to the temp sensor. I am no Labview expert but all I did is was configure serial port with Labview (just as we did hyper terminal)then do a visa read et voila...although I did change: printf_P(PSTR("%.2f degrees Frn"), temp_avg); to printf_P(PSTR("%.2f r"), temp_avg); I had problems with all the formatting. Thank you the guys at Nerdkits....the past couple of weeks were a blast playing with kit

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