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Customer Testimonials » THE Official NerdKits Review (Includes everything nerdKits)

January 22, 2011
by SirHobbes3
SirHobbes3's Avatar

Official Nerdkits review:Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 10:54am CST.

-Acutal NerdKit

AWESOME, best electronics kit i've ever used! Everything is fun and cool! (G)(O)(O)(D)(!) BEST RATING [5]


:Forums have a large community of people ready to share their ideas (G) :E-Mail support works, but the forums are better. (O) :IRC chat is not used, forums are used over it. (O) :Overall: AWESOME (D) (!) -Site Date is not always accurate, and yellow pale box at top is rarely changed. (G)(O)(O)(D)

-Overall Rating


4.5 rating out of 5

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