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Support Forum » font.h update

June 12, 2009
by Farmerjoecoledge
Farmerjoecoledge's Avatar

This is my last attempt a the makefile GCCFLAGS=-g -Os -Wall -mmcu=atmega168 LINKFLAGS=-Wl,-u,vfprintf -lprintf_flt -Wl,-u,vfscanf -lscanf_flt -lm AVRDUDEFLAGS=-c avr109 -p m168 -b 115200 -P /dev/ttyUSB0 LINKOBJECTS=../libnerdkits/delay.o ../libnerdkits/lcd.o ../libnerdkits/uart.o

all: font.c: font.txt python > font.c-upload

make -C ../libnerdkits
avr-gcc ${GCCFLAGS} ${LINKFLAGS} -o font.c: font.txt  python > font.c ${LINKOBJECTS}

the command line reads: makefile:6: ***target pattern contains no '%' Stop. So don't forget i'm up north, eh? Also i did get the ledarray2 to load and my circut is ok but it's not running right.the letters and some of the on off's but that's all. I'm doing like everybody else but it, or should i say "nothing", works for me. Like i'm not from a diffrent planet, yet. If your wondering what i'm talking about i could post a video on youtube. Grant

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