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Customer Testimonials » Programming Temp Sensor with Mac OS

December 25, 2010
by Sareena
Sareena's Avatar


I just finished the hardware part of the project a few days ago, but I have been kind of stuck on programming side.

  1. Page 40 of the PDF says to type "avr-gcc-select 4" in the terminal after I install the avr macpack. But I keep getting command line not found - or something like that.

  2. Page 42 is kind of complicated...I don't know how to list all the files in the /dev directory (I've tried to search for the command online but can't seem to find anything. A website said to try 1s /dev, but I got an error


Thanks! Sareena

December 25, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

That is ls not 1s as in ellone!

or something like what? Post a screen shot of your terminal window "command line not found" does not make any sense. Terminal is the command line!

"avr-gcc-select 4" sets gcc to use version 4 instead of version 3 that is the default.

You can search this forum for /dev to get a lot of interesting and helpful discussions about using your Mac with the Nerdkit (which works fine by the way).

Do ls /dev to find your usb port

Up towards the top of the listing it will look like this:

console         ptytf           ttyr6
cu.Bluetooth-Modem  ptyu0           ttyr7
cu.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync   ptyu1           ttyr8
cu.PL2303-0000101D  ptyu2           ttyr9
disk0           ptyu3           ttyra
disk0s1         ptyu4           ttyrb

You have to have the Nerdkit connected to the USB before it will show up.


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