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November 16, 2010
by KyleH
KyleH's Avatar

I am a Mech E student and very excited to start learning about micro controllers and really just electronics in general. I am very happy with the kit I purchased though I have a few suggestions.

One: Organize your tutorials based on the level of hand-holding that goes into them. There are a few hold your hand and show you the way tutorials in the NK guide, which are very much appreciated, however I think that the tutorials section could be greatly improved if before even clicking a tutorial I knew about how hard it would be, whether extra parts would be required, and a bill of materials in each tutorial letting me know what materials I should purchase so that I can sit down and do the tutorial in one sitting. I found that the digital caliper tutorial's electronics was a bit confusing and didn't include a simple thing like a high resolution shot of the circuitry (better than the picture of it on the machine) or a wiring diagram.

Two: Your most effective method of marketing these right now is probably your youtube tutorials and written tutorials as well as running ads on related websites. Make more tutorials. Use customer's posted projects in the project section or at least link to the build threads. I found this site because I wanted to get data from my digital caliper. It was not the first result in google however it was the most helpful. Posting more content that gets linked around the web, or making NK projects that piggy back or interface with other successful web projects

Three: Use a more full featured forum software. I like things like being able to edit my post, a layout that is similar to what I normally see, private messaging, better search function, etc. There are a few very popular, full featured pieces of forum software. Vbulletin, PHPbb, etc. are all much better.

Four: Offer some of the extra parts that we would need for tutorial stuff in the store. It is silly not to offer NPN transistors like the 2N3904 when theyre both common components and very cheap but very expensive if available to buy at radio shack compared to the internet.

Hope I can help, I wrote this because I really want you guys to succeed.

November 16, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi KyleH,

I am glad you are enjoying your NerdKit. Thanks a lot for the feedback. We certainly take everything you all tell us into serious consideration.

In time we definitely plan to have a little more structure to the video tutorials. Perhaps not exactly classifying them into easy/hard categories but definitely having a more natural flow from one to the next, or let you jump around based on what concept you are trying to look into.

Our forum has grown both in use an in features as we have slowly figured out more and more what our customers want to use it for. Like everything in NerdKits (in keeping with our DIY spirit) our forum software is mostly home grown. This has let us integrate it with the rest of our back-end and will let us evolve it further as NerdKits keep growing its educational offerings.

Again, thanks for taking the time to write the suggestions. We certainly would not be where we are without our customers constant feedback.


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