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Everything Else » My Servo "Shredder"

September 04, 2010
by sporkalicious
sporkalicious's Avatar

So, i went to my storage today to grab an old rc car I had in there to steal it's servo for the servo, and found a decent base for something beyond just a water pistol, a fully automatic, motor/gear driven airsoft gun, and low and behold, the trigger was nothing more than a spdt switch, soldered a few wires to the seitch, put it all back together, and a few hours later this is what i ended up with the turret in this video

September 05, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

That looks pretty cool. I like the addition of the webcam... One other thing you might think about... other than the Y axis you mentioned, would be the addition of a laser pointer for targeting controlled by the kit. Great job on the project.


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