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Project Help and Ideas » Remote Control for LED Array Messages

September 01, 2010
by lavared
lavared's Avatar


I have developed the LED Array kit with scrolling display. Now i'm looking to expand it so that it has some pre-programmed messages which I can display using a remote control. Could somebody suggest how I install and control this remote control unit so that I'll be able to choose the message to be displayed by the remote control?


September 01, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Are you thinking of using a Infra Red remote?

Do you want to just send on off or send a code to perform some action?

Have you searched the Nerdkit forum for "remote" there are a lot discussions about using a remote.


September 02, 2010
by lavared
lavared's Avatar

Yes i'm thinking of IR remote. I basically want to store a set of messages on the chip and using the remote, I want to select any particular message (among the stored ones) to be displayed at a given time.

Yeah will search the forums...Thanks


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