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Microcontroller Programming » Procyon AVRlib

May 20, 2009
by wayward
wayward's Avatar

Just a quick heads-up for other newbies like me: Pascal Stang has written a library for AVR microprocessors, Procyon AVRlib. It hasn't been updated since some mid-2006, but a quick look through the code shows that this guy knew what he was doing. The code is well-written, organized, and GPLed. It provides software emulation of some devices your AVR might not have (ATmega168 doesn't have the Intel memory bus -- which is what I was after), there's a simple networking stack, IDE/ATA interface, MMC/SD, GPS, servo, LCD drivers and other whatnots. Hopefully it will be of some help to at least a few people on here.


March 15, 2011
by kle8309
kle8309's Avatar

so far all the links are broken

March 15, 2011
by kle8309
kle8309's Avatar

This is the only one left i think

March 16, 2011
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Thanks kle8309 for the active link. I got it and unzipped it. It makes a AVRlib folder.

Now what do I do with it. I am not a very advanced programmer in fact I have never assembled a

project using anything but the default tools but this really looks interesting from waywards's description.

Thanks again,


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