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Project Help and Ideas » Autonomous perpendicular parking robot

June 09, 2010
by banerjen
banerjen's Avatar

Hello everybody,

Recently I put together a project after taking ideas after seeing parking videos on youtube. Interestingly, all of the videos were related to parallel parking. So, I thought why not do something different and came up with the idea of making an autonomous "perpendicular" parking car.

I used an ATMEL ATMega32 MCU which is almost similar (except for the names of a few registers like OCCR0A is OCCRA and so on), 3 Sharp GP2D120 distance measurement sensors, an L293D (cheapest motor driver available around here) motor driver, a 555 timer IC to generate the PWM instead of using the timer in the MCU.

I initially bought a NIKKO RC Buggy from a local supermarket and used it to act as the basic car robot.

Next, I interfaced the Sharp GP2D120 sensors using three ADC pins.

Then it was all about finding out as to which readings were suitable for being used in the decision making situations. That's my robot in a nutshell.

Without the 555 Showing the Sharp GP2D120 LCD displaying the sensor readings



June 09, 2010
by treymd
treymd's Avatar

A whole bunch of parking lot attendants just lost their jobs. Maybe they can wash the cars instead.

June 09, 2010
by banerjen
banerjen's Avatar

LoL! :p

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