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Basic Electronics » Best 9V adapter to use

May 28, 2010
by brian
brian's Avatar

I was wondering what the best 9V DC adapter was to build the LED array with on my Nerdkit. I'm looking at this adapter that has 650mA max current. Is that enough? What have you used in your projects?


May 28, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

It doesn't necessarily have to be 9V. Anything between 7.5V and 15V (DC) will do. Go for the highest mA rating you can, for experimenting, like 1500 or so. That's 1.5 Amps and is plenty for pretty much anything. If you do go into higher voltages, like 12 or 15 Volts, Add some kind of heat sink to the 7805 to keep it from overheating.

The 650 mA unit should do just fine as well but may have it's limits. I don't think it would be even close to the limit on this particular project.

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