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Project Help and Ideas » Need help making a traffic light circuit

May 15, 2010
by wakebaby1
wakebaby1's Avatar

I am working on a making a traffic light with a GAL chip. I have my GAL chip all programmed but I am unsure what to do next? I know I will need some LEDs and probably a 555 timer as well as some resistors. Can anyone help me figure out what I will need and how I will hook it all together ? Thanks

May 16, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi wakebaby1,

I've never actually worked with a GAL chip, and I doubt too many people on our forums have either. If there are any out there they should jump in here. I suppose my first question is why you want to use a GAL chip for this. With your microcontroller alone (and a little fun C code) you can program the logic required to run a traffic light controller. Are you doing this for a project that requires you use a programmable gate array?


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